born in Zürich Switzerland 1956

1975 High school degree in Zürich

1976-78 University of Basel faculty of medicine

1978-81 University of Zurich, studies in Psychology, history of Arts, Philosophy, Theology, Archeology…..

1981 lic. phil. I (equivalent to Masters Degree) at University of Zürich (Philosophy, History of Arts, Theology)

Worked for a typical (means big!) Swiss Bank in informatics and organization, writing concepts (e.g. personnel motivation) and as a systems programmer for over 14 years (several years as a free lancer).

1983 Almost a year in India, not in search of the Guru but traveling on a motorcycle.

since 1992 studies to holistic practitioner in Germany

During studies assistance in a practice near Augsburg

1995 Cantonal Examinations to holistic practitioner in Switzerland equal N.D.

1996 Federal Examinations to holistic practitioner in Germany equal N.D.

March 1996 – April 1997 having my own practice near Ulm, Germany

Specializations in complementary cancer-therapies and chiropractic 1996 certificate in chiropractic (Dr. Ackermann Stockholm)

April 1997 moved back to Switzerland, opened my new practice in Wolfhalden (AR) near St.Gallen above the lake of Constance

September 1997 foundation of the SERAFIN® AG (joint stock corporation).

1998 Courses and training in Thermography, Member of IMAT® International Medical Academy of Regulations-Thermography, Bad Homburg Germany .

2000 Lectures about complementary cancer therapies in Brixen / Bressanone Italy

February 2001 Diploma Computer-Regulations-Thermography IMAT

May 2001 lecture on Breast cancer, Cusanus Academy, Brixen / Bressanone Italy

2001 Diploma course Nutrition and Supplements, IEG, Richterswil

2001 Courses in herbal therapies,”hormonal supplementation”, Gesundheitszentrum GmbH, D-Markdorf

2002 Proficiency course in Homotoxicology, International Society of Homotoxicology Albuquerque NM, USA.

2002 Courses in Microimmune-Therapy, at German Medical Association for Microimmune-Therapy.

Just started (September 2002) a PhD Program at Zürich University Switzerland, don’t know when I will be done with my thesis (I will let you know) it is about Philosophy and Health for sure!

Western Herbalism (Phytotherapy) HJS-Education 2000-2002

2002 Courses in herbal therapies, manly Women’s Health Issues, Gesundheitszentrum GmbH, D-Markdorf

2003 Giving courses in Computer-Regulations-Thermography

2003 Licensed Therapist for Micro-Immunotherapy (DeGeMIT)

Februar 2004 Giving workshops in Computer-Regulations-Thermography.

Starting 2006 Giving courses in Microimmunetherapy

May 2006 President of the Swiss Association of Microimmunetherapy

Languages: German, English, Italian and French

for the rest I am happy by choice !

I am born in the sign of Pisces and strengthened by my Sagittarius rising and by the ups and downs in time and life.

And I do strongly believe in a lucky DESTINY !


I am greeting the whole world!

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