Complementary Cancer Therapies

Complementary cancer therapies are a supplement to conventional medicine such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (scalpel, ray, chemo) they are not considered to be alternative treatments.

Complementary cancer treatment has a three-part goal:

1. The enhancement of quality of life during and after radical therapies (scalpel, ray, chemo) and the enhancement of the therapeutical success of those therapies.

2. The prolongation of the metastasis-free lifetime (metastasis is the spread of cancer cells from a primary tumor; which can occur even if a primary tumor has been removed).

3. The prolongation of the total life time with the help of immunological and supportive treatments, dietary measures and psychological support.

Every patient has the right to decide how and by whom she/ he wants to be treated.

This is why you should speak with your medical doctor about biological and complementary cancer treatments.
My experience has shown that an open minded discussion is mostly constructive and often leads to your goal of receiving a complementary therapy along with your conventional treatment.

Because of possible interference and side effects with your medical treatment you MUST tell your doctors about taking alternative, complementary or biological remedies, do not hesitate, it is your body ! Prescription free drugs have an effect too, do not consider them to be harmless simply because they are “over-the-counter.”.

Never start therapies on your own, biological / complementary therapies must be based on the deep knowledge of your therapist !

No one can really HEAL cancer except one’s self. A therapist might support your hope and help you to deal with your fears, but she / he should never give you any kind of healing promises. Also, be careful and assertive if medical doctors tell you to heal with their methods. Always ask for the statistics as well as the pros and cons of their treatment.

Biological / complementary methods are not an alternative to scalpel, ray or chemo. Additionally, they will not work well as monotherapies (e.g. mistletoe only or Cat’s Claw tee only). Every patient needs an individualized treatment concept.

We are specialized in developing your personal treatment program through the use of our holistic diagnostics and your individual lab and pathological results.


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