Bio Modulation

Under the term Biomodulation there are many types of therapies that enhance, change, or simply support the immune system. We use natural remedies such as herbs, enzymes, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins; no chemical substances!
Sometimes it is not sufficient to just enhance the immune system; cancer cells and tumors are smart. They have the ability to “disguise” and “hide” i.e. they can change certain factors such as their recognition code which then prevents the defense system from finding and killing them.

We hope that after a treatment with biomodulators your immune system will be able to recognize, fight and defeat cancer cells.

The most important biomodulators are:

1. Enzymes

Enzymes are able to recognize and kill so-called immune complexes. Simply stated, the immune complexes are the “hide” and “disguise” factors of cancer cells. They are spread by a tumor that tricks the immune system.
Enzymes have the ability to suppress a growth factor of altered cells. We can use enzymes where we encounter the growth of false cells, e.g. goiter, cysts in the breast, or other organs. In every area where degenerated cells are growing, enzymes have the ability to stop the growth and even contribute to the breakdown of properties required for growth by cancer cells.

There are some contraindications for enzymes, so please always ask your medical doctor or naturopath if you can take enzymes !

2. Therapy with Thymus

Thymus peptides are known to stimulate the production of lymphocytes; one type of lymphocyte is the killer cell or T4 cell.
If we find a high enough number of lymphocytes (T4 cells) in your blood test, we can take the next step with the mistletoe therapy.

3. Therapy with mistletoe

The use of mistletoe is common in European countries. During the past ten years, considerable research has been conducted. The best results have been seen in so-called standardized mistletoe remedies. With these mistletoe extracts, you only need 2 to 3 injections per week. Mistletoe can only be injected!

The therapy with mistletoe should be controlled by a skilled therapist.

By the use of mistletoe in your therapy plan we can increase the number of white blood cells, a component of your immune system.
Always tell your medical doctor that you are taking mistletoe remedies. The increase of white blood cells could be seen as a bacterial infection and will be treated with antibiotics – this is exactly what we do not want to happen!

Vitamins and trace elements support the therapy. We mainly use zinc and selenium, however, it always will depend on your individual holistic diagnosis.

4. Special Biomodulators are:

Hyperthermia is already a standard in some alternative clinics. Tumor cells are not very heat resistant; using special microwaves the tumor tissue will be heated to high temperatures that cause the death of those cancer cells.

Research within the past 10 years has found some success with the following two procedures:

Certain vaccines can be made from your tumor material. Once the vaccine is given back to your body an enhanced immune system will now recognize the tumor cells and fight them.

Viruses which might fight cancer cells have been found. Some non-pathogenic flu viruses have been tested with a certain success.


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