is not the one and only treatment!!!

Measured with all possibilities of cancer treatments chemotherapy has an evidence of only 5 %! Compared with surgery (that has 40%) 5% seems to be nothing. Chemo works mainly with special tumors of the lymphatic system and some others, mainly children’s tumors.

It can be useful to undergo a chemo when a tumor causes a lot of pain or invades organic structures that are necessary for survival. However, a prolongation of one’s lifetime by having chemo has not been proven! What has been proved is that patients who had no chemo survived an even longer time than the group that had a chemo!

Still it depends on what kind of cancer you have and what kind of chemotherapy has been suggested to you. Make sure you always ask your doctor for evidence and success!

Side effects

The most important side effect is the suppression of the immune system!
The immune system’s strength, which you so badly need in the battle against cancer, is the weakest part after a chemotherapy.
If you really need to undergo a chemo, first get facts and figures of efficiency from your doctors! And second, have a complementary treatment too!!!

Immune suppression and other side effects (such as losing your hair, fever, nausea and others) may be lessened if you take Thymus, mistletoe, enzymes and selenium. They sometimes work so well that you might not have any problems at all.

Which Chemotherapy is the right one?

A wrong chemotherapy can be the end of all. If your cancer is chemo-restistant, it makes no sense at all to undergo chemo!
If you get the feeling that your doctors are experimenting with you, ask for a test of chemo sensibility. That method is called the p53-marker, if you have it, no chemo will affect your cancer cells.

The right chemo is the one that has been found for YOU before you undergo chemotherapy. If your cancer is chemo sensitive, you can try it, but not before! And last but not least: chemotherapy can also be cancerogenic which means that it can cause new cancers!


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