Immune System

The most important part in defeating cancer is a well working immune system.

Without a well working immune system, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation will not make a great sense. It is your body that has to fight cancer. After every radical treatment you will still have some cancer cells in your body. Your immune system has to do the rest of the work of recognizing, attacking and killing them. If your immune system does not work well, the remaining cancer cells have a pretty good chance of defeating you through metastasis or new tumors that will grow within the next 2-5 years.

Before any type of therapy, we check the status of your immune system. This is an easily done blood test. If your immune system is weak, we will need to enhance it before you have surgery or chemotherapy. Research has shown that patients who get complementary treatments during their chemotherapy have fewer side effects.
Remember, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation weaken your immune system. Surviving cancer cells need to be killed by a strong immune system; therefore, you must start your complementary treatments as soon as possible.
The number one immune suppressant is your psyche! Psychoneuroimmunology research has shown that stress, fear and pain are immune weakeners. Consequently our holistic treatment plan considers your physical, psychological and spiritual planes.

If you have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy without any other treatment, the number of cancer cells after such treatment are lowered to a minimum but there are still some in the blood or organs. After conventional cancer treatments doctors will continue to search for new tumors through periodic follow-ups. Without complementary therapy, your chance to beat the remaining cells is very slim. It is in your interest to do more!

Stress, anger, and sorrow (all part of human experience) work against your immune system. Understandably most cancer patients are afraid regarding their future; that fear itself is an added stress. It is important to be aware of how you respond to the stresses in your life so that you can develop healthy coping and stress management skills that fit your unique style and needs. In order to obtain inner peace and balance, therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, psychotherapy, psychosocial support groups, Bach flower remedies etc. may be helpful.


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