About having Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is no death-sentence!

What do you have to know?

1. Don’t panic! Think about your possibilities and chances and don’t hesitate to try everything!

2. There is no single one and only remedy for fighting cancer, don’t just trust brilliant advertising; in German we say: “paper is patient” which means that everything can be printed without the need of proving it.

3. What helps one person might not help you – what helps one person might harm another – don’t just try what your neighbor or friends tell you to try- we all know they want to help you – but ask a therapist!

4. One single therapy might not help either. You will need to get your own individual therapy plan, based on your individual facts and figures – not all cancers are the same and all people are different.

5. Biological, complementary or alternative therapies should begin before surgery or chemotherapy.

6. Do not make experiments, talk to your doctors, you have the right to be treated as you want, no doctor is allowed to forbid you any kind of complementary treatments.

7. Rarely do patients die because of primary tumors, most of them get metastasis; biological treatment lowers the risk of getting metastasis.

8. The length of one’s life is not as important as the quality! Avoid therapies, which lower the quality of life.

9. If a holistic practitioner does not want you to see a doctor, be skeptical! Don’t trust her / him if she / he tells you that she / he has a secret method or special remedy; find a different practitioner.

10. Be always skeptical!! Get all information before you agree to any kind of treatment no matter if it is a medical doctor or a Naturopath.

11- Be careful!!! With cancer and the fear about it, some people make a lot of money. Remedies that pretend to heal cancer might be very expensive which does not mean that they do what they promise!

12. After any treatment you should not wait until they find a new tumor or metastasis, you have to watch your immune system! It is YOU who takes care of yourself!

Further reading:

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The Independent Consumer’s Guide
to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention; Ralph W. Moss Independent Consumer’s Guide

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by Ralph W. Moss

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