Do something for your immune system !

    Avoid overweight.
    Lower your consumption of fat and refined sugar.
    Have food containing enough fibers, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and do not heat or cook them too much. Avoid canned food and other types of preservation.
    Vitamins and trace elements are very important for all living beings. It has been shown that several vitamins and trace elements have positive effects in cancer treatments. Certainly they are helpful for prevention too.
    The vitamins A, E, and C should be richly in your food as well as zinc and selenium; they are so-called free radical catchers.
    Avoid cancerogenic substances such as preservatives, artificial flavors and colorants, as well as denatured nutrition and food.
    Avoid alcohol and nicotine. Also avoid excessive or unnecessary consumption of remedies and drugs; e.g. antibiotics and cortisone, hormones (where not necessarily needed), pain killer etc.


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