Do we have Success with our MS Treatment?

You are asking us if we have had any success with our MS treatments.

This is not easily answered. It depends on what you understand by success.
We have had MS patients who required a wheelchair but are now walking again. However, that alone cannot be rated as a success. Some patients might have recovered physically but still suffer emotionally. To their surprise, their quality of life remains at an uncomfortable level even with the physical improvement.

We are committed to providing holistic diagnosis and healing.

By the term “success” within a therapy, we think of it as our patients learning to better understand themselves, the impact of the illness, the individual causes, and how to live WITH the disease while doing something about it.

The goal is to find an internal equilibrium between body, mind and psyche.
When we help you with this, then yes, we can say we do have success. We help our patients to deal with their illness, we would never promise that this or that therapy “heals” because we believe that all healing powers are within you.

There is no “miracle pill” for a complex chronic illness, but there are many means, which lead to the fact that the disease can be kept at a tolerable level without the serious side effects of Cortisone or Betaferon.

We have seen many MS patients and we do care for them by providing a supportive therapeutical relationship.

We sometimes get a phone call or email request from someone who wants us to tell them how to cure or alleviate MS. We understand their desire for a solution via phone or email, however, if it were that simple we would not need to run this clinic.

People who come to see as are asking for support in a long journey of ups and downs. We can help by finding the possible causes but an important part is your desire to heal. We need your active cooperation in this healing process, it needs a lot of patience on both sides. If you want a healing without any effort from yourself, then you would not be comfortable with our therapy program.

We have treated many patients. 50% have improved to a much higher quality of life, while about 30% no longer suffer severe relapses and have come to a stable situation of their disease. We have no worsening to report though of course a few patients were not totally satisfied.

If you are thinking of coming here you are invited to participate in an individual adventure of your own healing.

(polypodium leucotomos)

helps with Immune Disorders, Psoriasis, Degeneration of the visual nerve, Herpes etc.

The manufacturer of Rapuani® has set up a booklet about Rapuani® research, it is available in German only.

Rapuani grows in the South American Rain Forest, if you followed recent articles on natural remedies, you will possibly know that some of the plants might be extinct because of use for natural remedies.
This might be one more reason why the producers of Rapuani don’t want to sell too much of it.

IMPORTANT before you mail read this:!!


Q:Why is Rapuani only available in one part of Switzerland?
A:Because of different health law in every Canton. Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden has a easy to register law, to register Rapuani for whole of Switzerland or Europe would cause a lot of research and money investments.

Q:Why can’t it be sold to foreign countries?
A:Because the Cantonal law foresees, that all in the Canton registered remedies are allowed to be sold in naturopath’ and doctor’s practices within the Canton only.

Q:Do I need to come to your practice to get Rapuani®?
A:NO, any naturopath or M.D. within the Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden can provide the remedy, but you need to become a patient of her/him.

Q:What is the botanical name of Rapuani ?
A:it is polypodium leucotomos, have a look about latest research in Internet, it is registered under the name Rapuani, registration # AR 12 047.

Q:What is the cost of a treatment with Rapuani ?
A:Rapuani has to be taken for about two years, first year will be monthly costs of about 280 US$, for the second year it will be a monthly cost of 140 US$ (Not incuding doctor’s counceling or detoxifyers or lab tests).

Please understand, this is not about a single remedy, this is about holistic treatment plans we have set up after individual diagnosis, we do not ship Rapuani anywhere outside of Switzerland.

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