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CRT – Computer Regulation Thermography – for your health
The significant and non-invasive diagnostic system!
What is CRT – Computer Regulation Thermography?
The heat exchange before and after a thermal stimulation is measured in precise areas of the body, including the face and the chest.

Principle behind CRT – Computer Regulation Thermography
Blood circulation is essential for skin temperature. The temperature is influenced by reflex: following normal physiological processes the internal body heat is transmitted to the skin surface and then it irradiates to the nearby areas. The skin is connected to the organs through blood vessels and nerves (nerve reflex arcs).

The measurement

The patient gets accustomed to room temperature. The first measurement takes place in precise areas of the body. The head (teeth) and the chest are also measured. Thereafter the nude patient sits for 10 minutes at room temperature (thermal stimulus). Once the organism has cooled off a second measurement follows and then a third (after a therapeutical stimulus).

What does a CRT- diagram show?

The causes of:
• Chronic illnesses
• Environmental pollution stress
• Allergies
• Overreactions, for example stress
• Exhaustion
• Diseased caused by eating habits
• Food intolerances
• Mycosis
• Negative loads specially in the dental area.
• Misalignment of the spinal cord.

This is why CRT important for you!

CRT has shown its usefulness in the early recognition of health problems and serious illnesses. Many diseases originate in other organs than the ones interested by the symptoms. These connections can be seen in the CRT-diagram – and the causes of the diseases can be meaningfully treated.

CRT – Computer Regulation Thermography – the efficient diagnosis for your health

Please take the following points into consideration before the measurement:
• Do not shower and do not undertake any actions that stimulate blood flow.
• Have breakfast
• Please do not smoke and do not drink any alcohol
• Take only medicine that your are used to. Your doctor or therapist can give you further information.
• Your arms and legs must be covered (long sleeves) both is summer and in winter.
• Do not use any creams, lotions, make-up.
• Do not use the sauna facilities on the night before the exam.
• Men should shave the evening before.
• In the seven days before the measurement your should not undergo any dental treatment.

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