Computer Regulations Thermography


Applied Computer Regulation Thermography (CRT) is a diagnostic method, which measures skin temperatures on over 100 different spots.

The results are evaluated by a very sophisticated computer program and shown on color printout.
The temperature of the whole body is taken both before and after the body has been subjected to a cold stimulus (this merely requires that the patient removes his/her clothing from the upper body and waits 10 minutes between tests).

The resulting Thermograph can supply information about your body, teeth, breasts, prostate and immune system.
It can detect areas of disturbance, the effects of environmental pollution, allergies, the effects of stress, intestinal mycosis, food intolerances and inflammatory processes as well as a disposition for cancer (possibly also cancer, especially breast or prostate cancer).

Regulation Thermography was established by Professor Dr. Rost (distance / interval measurement /infra red measurement), further technical developments were carried out by the Eidam ® company in Bad Homburg, Germany.

As the skin is connected to the organs by nerves and blood vessels, it can supply us with information about certain areas (nerve reflex arcs) on the corresponding organs.

Life processes in the organism are maintained by the body’s continuous production of heat; by means of food intake and muscle use. The heat exchange takes place on the skin .

A healthy organism will show a normal regulation after being subjected to a cold stimulus.
One result which you can easily understand is the information displayed on the chart below.

This means that a slight disturbance in reaction indicates you are already on the way to ill health.
Regulation Thermography is a preventive examination.

Further details can be obtained from IMAT ® !
International Medical Academy for Thermography

Corinne Heitz is a cetified member of the International Medical Academy for Thermography (IMAT)

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