Holistic Diagnosis

You don’t get ill overnight.

Illness is usually preceded by several minor symptoms, sometimes just by a feeling of exhaustion or tiredness. It is often this weakened condition which allows an actual illness to develop.

Over a period of time the nervous system is weakened. This is followed later by organic changes such as disturbances in coronary circulation, blood pressure problems, inflammatory processes in stomach/digestive area, and a weakening of the immune system leaving the body prone to infection.

Holistic diagnosis doesn’t look for isolated symptoms but for their cause. With a combination of dark field microscopy (blood test) primarily to check for toxic overload, dysbiosis and the acid-base balance, thermography (holistic early detection in the true sense of the word!) and Vega testing (also known as Voll’s electroacupuncture, called EAV), it is possible to detect illnesses or their origins at a very early stage.

Laboratory analyses can be carried out as a complement. Heavy metal toxicity (urine test), state of immune system (blood test) or a stool test to check for the presence of yeast or bacteria overgrowth.

It is also important to seek the cause of existing ailments. In the case of mercury toxicity for example (amalgam) it is important to be aware of the following consequences:

    enzyme inactivation
    loss of antioxidant protection
    lowered ability to deal with stress
    weakening of immune system

The state of the immune system supplies information about auto immune illnesses, rheumatic illnesses and allergies as well as weakened immune systems as in the case of cancer and HIV infection/ AIDS.

Many illnesses begin in the intestines, dysbiosis, yeast or bacteria overgrowth are not only precursors of other illnesses but are often the cause of serious physiological and even psychological disturbances.

According to current knowledge, 90% of the immunological mechanisms are situated in the intestines.

An accurate diagnosis is the basic requirement for an effective therapy.

Translation by Christine MacLean, thank you !

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