Celiac Disease

Many people suffer Celiac Disease, which is gluten intolerance (remember it might have been caused by early contact with cow milk proteins or other antigens). A gluten free diet is helpful.

The following genetic factors are found:
HLA-A1, B7, B8, DR3, DR7, DQ3, DQ7

It is always a chronic allergic reaction of the intestinal mucosa to gluten, which then results in inflammations and /or diarrhea.


Change of diet, evaluation of nutrition intolerance, milieu change of the intestine, treatment of viral loads according to diagnostic results, Micro immunotherapy, detox of vaccinations, and homeopathy, helpful herbal remedy e.g. evening primrose, borage oil and Rapuani®.

With Celiac Disease we always give vitamin B12 (sublingual or parenteral) because it is often combined with pernicious anemia (lack of intrinsic factor), genetically: HLA-B7, DR2, DQ2.


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