Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

From our experience with CFS patients we can say that they all have the following factors in common:

    Chronic toxic load (usually amalgam)
    Chronic stress before outbreak of the illness
    Intestinal Dysbiosis which results in a deficiency symptom (lack of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements because the intestine is not able to absorb)
    Inflammatory foci, tooth related disturbance (e.g. root canal or remaining root particles).
    Reactivated or chronic infection with Epstein Barr virus and/or Lyme Borrelia, as well as other viruses which need to be carefully evaluated.
    Many different vaccinations.


Detox therapy / activation of elimination organs (kidney, liver, skin, lymphatic system), removal of amalgam fillings where needed, milieu change of the intestine, treatment of viral loads according to diagnostic results, Micro immunotherapy depending on immune status and serology, detox of vaccinations.
Substitution with orthomolecular medicines, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, re-harmonizing of the acid-alkaline balance.
Any therapy has to be induced very slowly; we need a lot of patience on both sides, therapist and patient.
Ideal additional therapies are: meridian therapy to resolve blocks, psychotherapy, and expressive therapy.


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