Hashimoto Thyreoiditis

In this autoimmune disease, the immune system develops antibodies against the body’s own thyroid cells.
From our practical experience there is an association between heavy metal loads in the teeth and a weakness of the thyroid.

This association seems to be dependent on the patient’s genetic disposition (HLA-A1, B8, B16, DR2, DR3, DD5R, GQ3, and DQ5)

Viruses that are connected:
Herpes Virus type I and II, Epstein Barr Virus.

As a trigger vaccinations are also questionable, especially those that contain preservatives such as aluminum hydroxide or mercury (Thimerosal®). List of US-American vaccines which contain Thimerosal®


Detox therapy / activation of elimination organs (kidney, liver, skin, lymphatic system), removal of amalgam fillings where needed, treatment of viral loads according to diagnostic results, Micro immunotherapy, detox of vaccinations.

A hormone replacement therapy usually is necessary in cases where the disease has progressed. In early stages, herbal supplements can be helpful (depending on hormone status).


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