Neurodermitis and Chronic Atopic Eczema

Neurodermitis is a special form of a chronic eczema found particularly in children. The diagnosis of neurodermitis is often confused with psoriasis, since both illnesses look very similar.

From our practice we know the following connections:

Children of mothers who are unable to breastfeed unfortunately suffer Neurodermitis more often than children who are breast fed due to the inability of the intestinal tract to deal with cow milk protein before the age of 6 months.
(Attention, the so-called “mother’s milk” similar products ALL contain cow milk proteins!) We recommend Soy milk in these cases (check that the soy product is organic and does not use any additives).

Children whose parents have suffered allergic reactions or neurodermitis have a higher risk of developing neurodermitis.

Neurodermitis usually occurs only after a first vaccination or after a booster vaccination.

A major problem are vaccines which are cultivated in chicken fibroblasts, this can lead to an allergy against chicken proteins.

Link to National Vaccine Information Center (US) vaccines .

Vaccination Risk Awareness Network VRAN Canada.

Stress and psychological loads aggravate the conditions.

Viruses that are connected:
Varicella Zoster and Herpes Virus type I and II, very often we see intestinal Candida and /or dysbiosis.

Psoriasis, unlike neurodermitis, very often shows inflammatory joint problems therefore it is part of rheumatic diseases.

The following genetic factors are found:
HLA-A1, B7 (also with juvenile arthritis), B8, B12, B13, B16, B17, B37, B57, Cw6, DR7.

All skin problems originate in the intestine!


Change of diet, evaluation of nutrition intolerance, milieu change of the intestine, treatment of viral loads according to diagnostic results, Micro immunotherapy, detox of vaccinations, and homeopathy, helpful herbal remedy e.g. evening primrose, borage oil and Rapuani®.


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