Arthrosis – Arthritis Treatment

NeyArthros-/NeyChondrin cure

Bio molecular therapy for joints and cartilage (biological products by VitOrgan)
• Cartilage building
• Regeneration of intervertebral discs
• Stimulation of cellular metabolism
• Normalisation of nerve cells


The natural cartilage and joint wear can be sped up by excessive stress, wrong posture, inflammation and accidents, causing the insurgence of pains and movement impediments.
The consumption of the intervertebral discs can also influence the function of the spine, causing the insurgence of back pains.
Vitorgan’s bio molecular therapy, which was developed almost 40 years ago by Dr. K. E. Theurer, is based on the use of bio molecules obtained from animal organs. The active principles regenerate the damaged and worn cartilage through the stimulation of the live cartilage, i.e. the cartilage cells. Thereafter the cartilage can solve its function again. The worn surface of the joint cartilage becomes smoother and the cartilage itself becomes more elastic.
Also the synovial fluid builds up again in sufficient quantity.
Therefore the pains disappear quickly during the treatment. This indicates the beginning of the healing process.
Indicated in case of:
• Diseased of the musculoskeletal system, of the spine and of the joints (of traumatic, degenerative and inflammatory nature).
• Rheumatic problems.
• Arthritis


Typically the treatment takes the form of intramuscular injections.
As an alternative the proper preparation is injected around or directly inside the interested joint, and the dose is increased step by step.

In addition a salve is applied to the interested joint or a support preparation is taken.

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