Detox Therapy

Detoxification therapy

Since 1925 PHÖNIX produces trusted spargic medicines. The spargic method, as it has been developed by PHÖNIX, is one of those special therapies and includes those particular procedures that, following Paracelsus, make the healing powers of natural raw substances available for medical use. PHÖNIX detoxification therapy has been used for more than 20 years in the actual form in the frame of holistic therapies.
PHÖNIX detoxification therapy supports the vitalisation of the most important eliminative organs. It supports the depuration, detoxification and activation of the metabolism. The goal of PHÖNIX detox therapy is to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the joints and in the body cells through the liver, kidneys, skin and mucous membranes.
PHÖNIX detoxification therapy is based on the combination of four different spargic medicines that are able to activate the eliminative organs – liver, kidneys, skin, mucous membranes – and the transport systems of toxins, the lymphatic system:

PHÖNIX Phönohepan supports liver functions. It helps the detoxification of liver cells and the normalisation of the composition of gall bladder secretions, thus harmonising digestion.
PHÖNIX Solidago II/035 B supports kidney functions. This can lead to the activation and the strengthening of toxin elimination and metabolic refuse through the kidneys, an improvement of kidney blood circulation and a resulting higher filtration ratio.
PHÖNIX Antitox supports skin and mucous membrane functions. The skin is the biggest human organ and is essential in the elimination of metabolic products.
PHÖNIX Lymphophön helps to improve the lymphatic flux, so that toxin transport from the joints through the lymphatic system to the blood and to the eliminative organs themselves – liver, kidneys, skin and mucous membranes – is supported.
It is very important that during the whole detoxification therapy enough liquid is taken in (1.5 litres more than normal daily intake of water or tee), so that the toxins can be eliminated through the eliminative organs.

Reactions to detoxification such as tiredness or headache can be a sign of the organism’s reaction to the movement of toxins.
PHÖNIX detoxification therapy can be carried out twice a year, in spring and in autumn.
In case of a heavy metal intoxication, shown for example by a Computer Regulation Thermography, or of toxic dental material (for ex dental amalgam), a chelator, for ex. DMPS is given. This binds heavy metals that are then eliminated through the kidneys.

To restore the needed heavy metals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. a multimineral supplement must be prescribed.

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